Hi, I’m Clark, more commonly called 克拉克, which is of course just about the same thing. I’m a designer based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, where I work with organisations to help them build applications, websites, and other digital products that work for real people. When I’m not working, I’m pursuing one of my myriad of other passions, currently that includes: refining my pour over method.

Previously, I was an engineer at the Creativity Lab where I helped create products that allowed for greater collaboration amongst researchers. I also led projects that explored an array of ambient and tangible interfaces, invisibly integrating data into people’s lives.

In a past life, I worked as a professional musician, making honking noises on my trumpet through-out the greater Toronto area.

Recently I joined the R&D department of a local company to help improve the user experience of their software products. I am also in the midst of creating a number of apps. for iOS through my own organisation, Super Lucky Elephant.

Hsinchu, Taiwan has been my place of residence for the past 17 years, I live here with my wife, daughter, son, 2 1 hamster, and 2 dogs.

If you would like to get in touch, email is fine. Or you can find me on Twitter, Linkedin, and Skype


About this site

Kelake was started in 1999 and was a continuation of personal sites I had started elsewhere, it is in it’s 10th incarnation. I’ve been blogging long before Peter Merholz coined the term and have produced numerous blogs and other participatory media, some of which were among the first of their kind. Regrettably like many decade-old sites, Kelake has largely been supplanted by Twitter and Facebook.

Kelake is powered by MovableType WordPress and hosted by Pair. I used BBedit and Transmit to develop the templates.