Rock Island Blues Band



Found these photos on Facebook of a band I played in during/before college. Facebook always makes me feel old.
In these photos: Joey Kitson (vocals), Ron LeBlanc (drums), Barry Sorenson (tenor), Julian Spears (guitar), Colin Standfield (alto), Tom Easley (bass), and Clark MacLeod (trumpet). More info on Joey Kitson’s site.

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  1. Who can forget the days when you guys made loads of people happy?! I first saw you guys at the the U.P.E.I. Students’ Union (The Barn) in the Fall of 1985 or 1986 when “Flying Phil” Stanyer urged you guys to wander on up from over yonder at Colonel Gray High School.
    It was a good show, and Julian neatly showed off his ever-better skills. More, the band, as a whole, made this Boston Alum feel happy.
    Peter Hunt, ’90

  2. Monday nights at Myrons.I clearly remember your great trumpet .I was the guy that kept that Triumph TR6 of Julians running.My brother Kris sat in with you guys at on guitar out in stanhope.Good memories of great times.If I remember correctly that picture was at the Elmira train station and it was handed out as a poster.All the best

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