Jazz Club in Hsinchu?

Yet another format for a restaurant at this corner near minzu rd. This time it seems like we might get a venue presenting some jazz and blues. I couldn’t be more hopeful or pleased at the thought. The last time I lived near a jazz/blues club was in Toronto back when the Bermuda Onion venue was open on Bloor street. That was over 12 years ago I think. While I would rate the possibility of having a beer with the likes of Freddie Hubbard pretty low at this place in Hsinchu, we can only hope that they will have a small stage for some local musicians to play some music that old folks like me like to hear.

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  1. Hey Clark,
    The only way a jazz club is going to open up in this provincial Taiwanese town is if you open it. I’ll play there. In order to attract customers have the place fully staffed with beetlenut girls. I’ll be the first in line-when I’m not playing.

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