Hsinchu lawn mower

Pictured below is Hsinchu’s answer to both the climate crisis and the rising cost of fuel. Instead of hiring workers to whack the grass into dust with their noisy polluting weed trimmers, they have instead stationed two goats at a local park in what could be the start of a country wide program. As an added bonus I’m sure the grass gets a much needed nutrient boost.
Coincidentally, if the goats continue in their current direction, the park leads them directly to a large meat packing plant.

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  1. I was walking through a small park in Taipei the other day that was overgrown with grass. I thought to myself that it would be wonderful if they could keep a few goats there. Glad to see they are actually doing it in Xinzhu!

  2. I thought it seemed odd at first but except for all that poop potentially getting on kids feet it seems like a neat idea. I wonder if people poke them with sticks like they do the goats at the local zoo?

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