Design thinking as illustrated at a Taiwan hair salon

Updated to address my own and others criticisms. It’s shorter, lighter, and hopefully improved. I am learning here so I do appreciate the comments – even the tough ones.
In this podcast I babble on about “Friendy’s” restaurant and how design thinking is not so apparent among designers in Taiwan. To illustrate my point about designers I talk about getting my haircut at a “high end hair salon” near where I live.
Podcasting seems to bring out the worst in people – babbling on and babbling on. I need to work on that. Listening to my podcast (I thought there might be some weird editing errors) I kept yelling – hurry up and get to the point.
Listen to: Problems with Design thinking as illustrated at a Taiwan hair salon – Podcast 3 (16min, 15 meg 10min, 7 meg.)
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  1. Here is an example of a podcast that could have been cut to three minutes. Yes, it was babbling as the author describes
    This was potentially a very interesting topic that was spolied by a meandering, poorly formulated, almost stream of consciousness delivery.
    In future, please think through your ideas, design your speaking for maximum information transfer and speak with passion to keep our interest and attention.

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