Atlantic Podcast Summit

Last Friday found me on the road at 4:30am for an early morning arrival in Halifax to attend the Atlantic Podcast Summit.

I came away with a number of salient points and particularly enjoyed the talks given by Kristen Meinzer and Dila Velazquez, who is content and audience developer at Curiouscast. Primarily I came away with some renewed enthusiasm for the medium, so many at the conference treat podcasting not as platform for ad dollars, but something to be enjoyed and shared. Much like the web used to be.

The location inside the Cineplex on Spring Garden road was interesting. It certainly had comfortable seats, but the audio was poor and the interaction difficult. They could stand to learn from Peter’s Crafting {:} a Life – much of the value obtained from conferences would seem to be from the interaction with those attending, comfortable seats are of a secondary concern.

Lunch was not provided so since there was little opportunity beforehand to meet interesting strangers, people in their pre-formed cliques went about there own way. It’s a pity, as a catered lunch is a great opportunity to force people to bump into each other. Those collisions provide for all kinds of opportunity for learning. Lunch was cheap, cheaper than what can be found near my haunts in Charlottetown.

It was a short trip as I managed to somehow guide the car into our lot in Stratford sometime after 8pm. I was kept awake with bad coffee and the miracle of actually listening to a 3hr podcast with a conversation centred around hunting bear with bow and arrow.

East of the Sun and West of the Moon

We just released this past week our 60th podcast episode, entitled “East of the Sun and West of the Moon.” We have come a long way since our first episode that Sheryl recorded with a cheap plastic mic while she was still in Hsinchu last year. It’s a fun challenge to produce stories under the constraints that we are under; Sheryl records live and I take as little time as possible to add all the supporting production.

We just invested in some audio equipment and have turned a storage area into a recording room, so we are excited to be continuing with this project, and new podcasts in the new year.

Sleep Tight Stories brings you new and captivating bedtime (or anytime) stories every week and is suitable for kids of all ages.

You can find us on:
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You can also search for “Sleep Tight Stories” wherever good podcasts are listed.

Sleep Tight Stories Podcast

We launched a new podcast called Sleep Tight Stories back in October and have been releasing weekly episodes since. It hasn’t been widely shared, even amongst friends, primarily due to my issues with promoting myself and the projects I am involved with – which I discussed in another previous post.

We describe Sleep Tight Stories as: “Sleep Tight Stories brings you new and captivating bedtime stories every week. The stories range from retellings of fairy tales, folk stories, classic Canadian works, and original stories written by guest authors. Each episode is usually less than 20 minutes long and suitable for kids of all ages.”

This is largely an effort of my wife and I, but we were lucky to enjoy the talents of an American voice over artist, who I had hired for another project, for a few of the episodes. I’ve produced other podcasts in the past, most recently I helped my daughter create a 20 episode podcast about books called 志大才書 for a school project, but this is the first visible efforts of some recent collaborations between Sheryl and myself.

While podcasts like ours are no replacement for parent and child story time, they can play a great part in a child’s bedtime routine, and can help children develop early literacy skills, like the ability to listen to and understand words. It’s a great way to get kids focused and prepared for sleep too.

As this is a timeboxed effort we hope that the quality will improve over time. In the interim we appreciate any positive or negative feedback – sharing positive comments on iTunes is greatly appreciated. Subscribing, if the podcast is of interest, even more so.

Sleep Tight Stories on Apple Podcasts and Google Play

Design thinking as illustrated at a Taiwan hair salon

Updated to address my own and others criticisms. It’s shorter, lighter, and hopefully improved. I am learning here so I do appreciate the comments – even the tough ones.
In this podcast I babble on about “Friendy’s” restaurant and how design thinking is not so apparent among designers in Taiwan. To illustrate my point about designers I talk about getting my haircut at a “high end hair salon” near where I live.
Podcasting seems to bring out the worst in people – babbling on and babbling on. I need to work on that. Listening to my podcast (I thought there might be some weird editing errors) I kept yelling – hurry up and get to the point.
Listen to: Problems with Design thinking as illustrated at a Taiwan hair salon – Podcast 3 (16min, 15 meg 10min, 7 meg.)
My Odeo Channel (odeo/647d0a301a218729)

Problems with iTunes Podcast submission

It seems on my inaugural podcast I may have spoke to soon about submitting my podcast to the iTunes podcast directory. It isn’t possible. Here’s why.
You need to be able to purchase music from the iTunes store in order to be able to list your podcast in their directory. That includes registering an account and submitting a valid credit card with a billing address from a country that has the “honour” of having an iTunes Music Store. I am a Canadian citizen living in Asia but have a permanent address in Canada. As I have been living abroad for 8 years all my credit cards originate from Taiwan and as such I can not list my podcast – though I do have a .mac account. It’s a bit of a bizarre twist I think. I want to list content on their site which could potentially bring them customers but they want me to buy something first.
This is Apple?
I’m a bit sleepy and unanimated today (up late playing) so this Podcast might have the unwanted effect of causing you too to want to sleep (might be a common effect of this Podcast).
Listen to: Problems with iTunes Podcast submission – Podcast 2 (4.52min, 3.35 meg)
My Odeo Channel (odeo/647d0a301a218729)

Inaugural Podcast

Though I undoubtedly have the worlds worst “radio voice” I have produced my first podcast. This may be as close as I get to the career as a radio announcer that my father always wanted me to have. Hopefully listening to it will be far less pain for you than it is me – I hate my voice.
Listen to the result of this initial experiment. It is a huge file! As some will know I have a thing for quality sounding audio but I’m afraid I will soon get into money trouble hosting 20 meg MP3 files.
This is far from a polished program – it’s relatively unedited and with a pretty bare bones set-up. I plan on having a regular weekly podcast with some of my colleagues and friends here in Taiwan. There are allot of cool and smart people here. Topics could be pretty wide – living in Taiwan, art, design, and tech. being the broad categories. We’ll just define and refine as we go along. I should be listed on the ITunes Podcast directory and Odeo soon or if you like you can subscribe to the rss feed which I updated to include enclosures.
Listen to: Inaugural Podcast (15min, 23 meg)