The Japanese have a word, Tsundoku, for the act of acquiring books but letting them pile up in one’s home without reading them.

The word “doku” can be used as a verb to mean “reading”. According to Prof Gerstle, the “tsun” in “tsundoku” originates in “tsumu” – a word meaning “to pile up”. So when put together, “tsundoku” has the meaning of buying reading material and piling it up.

I also have had this habit. Our home in Taiwan was wall to ceiling with books, and while most of them belonged to our kids, it was my wife and I who got it all started. As time went on I would continue to buy books of interest, but lack the time to read them. Here on PEI I have a number of boxes in storage, containing an older collection, that are waiting for us to have a more permanent home. Most of my reading these days is digital, which I think is a shame, as there is lasting value in the worn pages of a paper bound book, value which isn’t so apparent when your collection is all stored digitally.

“December” MV by AppleGirl

An original Christmas short by AppleGirl a.k.a. Kim Yeo Hee released in 2011. Super cute and the use of birthday balloons as Christmas decorations not something I’ve ever thought, surprising considering we are supposed to be celebrating someones birthday. Apple Girl is known for her break-through use of iPhones as back-up band.

Your Ability to Concentrate

I have always been somewhat of a day dreamer. I can remember being reprimanded by my elementary school teachers for sitting in class day dreaming – even today concentration and focus is still something I work on. If you add the additional challenges of lack of sleep brought on by a new born and all the distractions that being a parent brings, then having good focused time to work is even harder. I’m a big fan of the concepts of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience as told by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi so I thought perhaps this book by M. Sadhu might be a good try. I’ll let you know how it works out. You can purchase Concentration a Guide to Mental Mastery at Amazon.