35togo – snapshots of life in Taiwan and other parts of Asia


From the about page: “This site is much like a scrapbook; a catalogue of ideas, events, artifacts, and impressions. I record the things that interest me during this period of my life. It isn’t always beautiful nor technically compelling but it’s my view of the world no matter how mundane”.

Early version

Early version

35togo was an ongoing personal project to record and share the daily sights and sounds of life I witness in Asia. I started this site in March of 2003 first with the goal of sharing both the sounds and photographs of the places I visit and the place I live. Asia is a veritable feast of sight and sound. The sounds I have yet been able to share and the site has settled in for the time being to a photoblog of sorts. The subject matter sticks pretty close to Taiwan and other parts of Asia with a smattering of Canada and Europe thrown in. The photographs themselves are really more of visual evidence of the exploring I do and perhaps show the rather mundane or off beat taste I have. As I spend more time with photography the content changes, so for me it’s both a chronicle of life and an exploration of what I hope is a burgeoning skill. But definitely there has to be sound in the future – it’s a weird futurist symphony of noise over here.


The site has been deliberately kept very simple and is managed by Moveabletype and a number of extensions. The photographs were taken either with my old Canon S100, a Canon SLR(s), Sony T630, or a Lomo LC-A.