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Universal Textbox

Universal text box allows for the capture of an idea, or the myriad of other types of data, when and where it occurs, on the device you feel comfortable using.

Shao Kelake (xiao kelake) Weblog

Before I knew pinyin I created a popular weblog covering art, design and sound. Much like tumblr blogs today and the original blog format, it focused on curation and imagery over commentary.


DOI Magazine

DOI was a collaborative weblog published in Chinese and English.

Taiwanease Magazine

During its’ brief run Taiwanease was frequently lauded for its’ design and well written editorial.


Hullabaloo represents one of my first attempts at creating a tangible music interface.

Taipei MRT Wayfinding

A grad school project examining the inconstancies of Taipei MRT’s signage system.

Networked Smart Musical Toys

With inspiration from my daughter, I created a number of networked tangible instruments. The project iterated but never got past the rough prototype stage.

Music Squares

This is was a tangible collaborative instrument for playing musical games against computer, local, and remote participants.



Popwuping was a guide to mobile culture and mobile lifestyle. Everyday I sifted through the most interesting artifacts, reports, trends and insights, trying to make sense of an increasingly mobile society and share what inspired me.

Adult Chairs

Adult Chairs are tangible interfaces that allow for rudimentary control over a musical performance.

Wind Chimes

Windchimes are in their natural state a musical instrument, a percussion instrument, but when augmented with sensors, windchimes become a minimal interface to controlling sound and creating electronic music.

Girls Ambient Room

The girls’ ambient room used sound, music, animation and light projections to communicate information at the periphery of human perception.


A concept for audio guide or way finding system that addressed the problems inherent in Taiwan’s busy urban environment.

Jessey Meng

An informational site for Chinese personality and model Jessey Meng. This was a standout project due to an outstanding team, great client and wonderful imagery.

Smart door for seniors

This was a product concept inspired by a 3 month observational study of a Taiwan seniors home.


Shaolulu (Xiaolulu) was a character I created to help ITRI celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Microphone Input

I created a program using director that allowed you to control the creation of calligraphy through the use of your voice.